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How to fit a Smart Latch

The Smart Latch has revolutionised the fitting process for tubular latches, but how do they work and how do you fit them?

Well a Smart Latch is essentially no different from a standard tubular latch in that it works in exactly the same way – an 8mm square spindle is fitted through the Smart Latch, and when turned it operates the latch and allows a door to be opened.

The difference between a Smartlatch and a standard tubular latch is the fitting process. A standard latch has a rectangular end plate which needs to be morticed into the door when fitted. This is a time-consuming job for even the most skilled carpenters. A Smart Latch just has a round endplate that does not need chiselling out, in fact you only need to drill two holes with the same drill bit to fit a Smartlatch.

What do you need?

To fit a Smart Latch you need a pencil, a try square, a tape measure, a 25mm flat bit, a 32mm flat bit and a power drill (or a brace and bit for any traditionalists out there).

How do I fit it?

  1. To fit the Smart Latch, select the height that you want your door handle, and using your set square and pencil draw a straight line along the end of the door, and then along the face of the door at the selected height.
  2. Mark a cross on the end of door at the centre point, and then mark a cross on the face of the door, 57mm in from the door edge.
  3. Using your 25mm flat bit, drill at the two marked crosses. Drill to a depth of 75mm into the end of the door, and all the way through the face of the door.
  4. Measure the chosen height on the door frame, and then using your 32mm flat bit, drill into the frame at the correct height to accept the round strikng plate and screw into place.
  5. Push the Smart Latch into the end of door and you’re done. All you need to do is slide the spindle through the centre holes, and fit your door handle.  

No screws with the Smart Latch?

No - there is no need to use any screws to fit the Smart Latches, as the latch is held in place by the spindle. There is also a small lip on the end plate with stops the Smart Latch from being over inserted into the door. You will however need to use screws to secure the striking plate to the door frame.

You can view this instructional PDF from Smart Latch which has fitting instructions and a template which you can use for drilling the door correctly

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The Smart Latch Range

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