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About Jigtech

Jigtech is the new revolutionary door fitting system that saves time and ensures 100% fitting accuracy every time. Timed fitting tests and shown that a Jigtech SMART Latch and handle can be fitted in under 3 minutes with the Jigtech pro jig, compared to 25 minutes when fitting a normal latch and handle with traditional methods. This is a time reduction saving of 80%. 

How does it work?

The innovative new Jigtech Pro jig system ensures 100% accurate results every time, and in a fraction of the time. The jig is clamped onto the door where you want to fit the handle and latch, and clearly marks the points where you need to drill. The Jigtech is adjustable for using both SMART Jigtech latches and standard Jigtech rectangular latches. Once the holes have been drilled it is simply a case of using the keep locator to mark and drill the door frame to accept the keep, taping the latch into place and attaching the spacer and spindle to the latch, and then fixing the handle to the door. 

What do you need?

To fit the Jigtech system you will need the Jigtech pro installation jig kit, a pencil, a tape measure, a screwdriver, a hammer, a narrow chisel and a power drill (or a brace and bit for any traditionalists out there). The below instruction assumes you have already purchased a Jigtech latch and handle.

Installation Steps 

  1. Wedge the door open, mark the latch height on the door, set the backset adjuster on the jig and then clamp the jig to the door at the correct height. 
  2. Using the 44mm holesaw & arbor, drill through the face of the door until the drill tip comes through on the opposite side. Switch sides and use the hole as a guide to continue drilling until the whole is complete. Then change to your 25mm holesaw & arbor and drill into the end of the door. 
  3. Place the keep locator in the latch bore and close the door. Using a screwdriver press the keep locator into the frame to mark where it needs to be drilled. Open the door and drill the hole with the 32mm flat bit. Chisel out for the keep tongue and screw the keep into place.
  4. Place the plastic spacer in the 44mm handle bore hole. Ensuring the latch bolt is in the vertical position, push the latch in by hand and then use the latch tapper and a hammer to fit flush with the door edge.
  5. Take your Jigtech handle with the spindle and sleeves, and locate through the spacer. Then take the remaining half pair of handles and push together. Fasten with the screws provided and then fix the cover rose to the handle and fasten with the grubb screw provided.

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