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At TC Fixings we have tried many different brands of concrete screws, and we think that our TIMco concrete screws are the best on the market today. What makes TIMco concrete screws better than everyone else's? Well a combination of factors.....

TIMco concrete screws have a 30mm hi-lo starting thread. I know, that doesn't sound that exciting, but this starting pattern bites into masonry especially quickly and removes and loose debris which is vitally important for getting a reliable and secure fixing

TIMco concrete screws have 5 locking ribs on the outside of the head (countersunk only), which serve two purposes - to help the screw countersink into timber, and to help stop the screw from vibrating loose after insertion

They have a special thread configuration with serrated V-threads which make the TIMco concrete screw suitable for use in concrete, perforated & solid brick, natural stone and hollow blocks

The plating on TIMco concrete screws has been tested to withstand a minimum of 192 hours salt spray exposure

Pan head options - TIMco offer their concrete screws in 3 popular pan head sizes - 80mm, 100mm & 120mm

Still don't belive us? Why not purchase some and give them a try!

You can check out the technical information here, and the salt spray test reports here

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